Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Here's to 2009

Been very quiet of late..due to moving house, no internet access and all my kit being in boxes! Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest, commented and given me any support in 2008. 2009 should be good I have a 6 track ep hopefully going to be released in the first quarter with some freebie tracks and some videos as well. I'm also going get of my ass and try and find/create more live gigs so I can go freakout with my hardware. I've got some hardware projects ready and waiting for me to setup a workbench so I should be posting some new guides to modifying stuff as well.

Merry Xmas or whatever winter festiveness you celebrate.


ashley said...

Thanks for all your input into Palm Sounds this year, and I'm looking forward to more sounds and projects next year. You never know I might even make it to one of your shows!

Anonymous said...

happy new ear!

There is only one DOG!