Friday, 28 September 2018

Open Source Cubesat Workshop 2018

As Red would say "YES"!

I had the pleasure of travelling to this years OSCW that was once again hosted at an European Space Agency campus ESAC the European Space Astronomy Centre just outside Madrid, Spain. I equally had the pleasure of staying with the Libre Space Foundation crew including some of the core team but also some of the global contributors.

There is so much I could say about the talks and the event but I don't know how to summarise it all! So instead I will just say that the quality of presentation was great and it really is re affirming and heartening to see so many communities forming around the opensource development of space technologies. Staying with and meeting some of the wider Librespace contributors makes one feel part of something amazing and left me invigorated and wanting to contribute more. Here follows a small photo dump!


  1. Yes yes yes! But did you get a rocket this year?

  2. Haha Miki... no rockets this year but one of my rockets got shown on a slide which was funny!

  3. Hey Joe -- it was really good to meet you at OSCW. I still don't agree that there's such a day as "Toos-daay" (sp?), but we shouldn't let that stand in our way.

    All the best,
    Your Canadian Reader

  4. Hey Saint Aardvark... sorry your comment ended up in my spam filter.. was great to meet you too! Look forward to seeing the phase4 stuff develop.. This reply typed on Weds 03/10 .know...